Monday, July 26, 2010

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market (Part 1)

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market
I had lived in Temerloh for 4 years in the early 80s. At that time, I was responsible for purchasing household food. I went to Temerloh Sunday Market for marketing every Sunday morning.

Pahang River
The Temerloh Sunday Market is located along the river bank nearby the mouth of the Semantan River. It's truly crowded with visitors. The vendors start doing business in the early morning. The crowd will gradually reduce until noon.

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market
Visiting the Temerloh Sunday Market is really a very good experience. The photo shown above is better than thousand words. The woman just sat on the ground with her child. The stuffs which she sold are including eggs, chilies, turmeric, lemon grasses, and dry tamarinds.

She sold her goods by putting them on a few old newspapers. It's as simple as that. Scale wasn't needed. It's replaced by can and plastic container. The Malaysian traditional countryside life style was revealed exhaustively.

Dry Tamarinds
The dry tamarind is an essential ingredient for preparing Malay delicacy. It's suitable for cooking delicious spicy and sour seafood.

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