Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hong Kong Aberdeen Harbor

Aberdeen Harbor
Aberdeen Harbor is located in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island. It's a famous tourist attraction in Hong Kong. If you like to watch Hong Kong television dramas or movies then you may be familiar with Aberdeen Harbor.
Aberdeen was originally a fishing village. Now, it's a modern town with many skyscrapers built surrounding the harbor.
Aberdeen HarborAberdeen Harbor
-->There are many fishing boats of the boat dwellers berth at the harbor. The boat dwellers live on the boats and engage in the fishery. Besides the fishing boats, there are many boat restaurants which provide delicious seafood as well as other Chinese delights.
Aberdeen HarborAberdeen Harbor
-->You can take a boat ride around the harbor to explore the life of the boat dwellers. It's so amazing and you will remember it for ever. You have to negotiate the price with the boat owner before boarding. The boat ride normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
Aberdeen Harbor
The numerous boat restaurants at the harbor fascinate tourists from all over the world. Among these boat restaurants, the Aberdeen Jumbo Boat Restaurant is the most distinctive. As you can see from the photo, it looks like the palace of the imperial China.
Aberdeen Harbor is so unique. Visiting Aberdeen Harbor is simply a "must" when you are in Hong Kong. You would be regret for life if you didn't do so.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hong Kong Repulse Bay Sunny Beach

Hong Kong Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay is located at the southern part of the Hong Kong Island. It is the most famous beach in Hong Kong. Its sunny beach with blue sky, crystal clear water and golden sand attracts numerous local and foreign visitors all year round.
Repulse Bay is also a luxurious residential area in Hong Kong. The mansions which were built along the coastal hill slopes formed an elegant scenery.
The fine sandy beach is just nice for visitors to have morning stroll. The beach will be full of sunbathers when the sun is emerging in the sky. Visitors enjoy watching the enchanting sunset and listening to the gentle wave lapping sound during pleasantly cool evening at the waterfront.

Hong Kong Repulse Bay
Hong Kong Repulse Bay
The traditional Chinese style Zhen Hai Lou Park was built at the eastern end of the beach. The twin statues of the "Queen Of Heaven" and the "Goddess Of Mercy" are erected in the Zhen Hai Lou Park. Both of the statues are facing the sea which symbolize the protectors of the fishermen and the swimmers.
It seems that Repulse Bay is the favorite outing spot for Hong Kong citizens and the must visit scenic spot for foreign tourists.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delicious Home Made Sushi

SushiAfter tasting the delicious sushi which was given by my student, I began to like to eat sushi. I requested my wife to make the sushi for me. She got a copy of the recipe from the student's mother and enquired her about the making of the hand-rolled sushi.

Sumo Calrose RiceSumo Calrose Rice
Sumo Calrose RiceSumo Calrose Rice

Sushi Seasoning VinegarVinegar

Sushi Ingredients
Crab Filament, Carrot, Japanese Cucumber & Fried Egg
The above photos are the ingredients of making the hand-rolled sushi. These ingredients are available at the food department of the Jaya Jusco Supermarket.
Remember to buy the rice and the vinegar which are imported from Japan or South Korea. Otherwise the taste of the sushi wouldn't be so nice. Don't use the seaweed which is other than green in colour for rolling the sushi.
In case you dislike the ingredients that I suggested, you can replace them with your favorite ingredients that suit your taste.
Hand Rolled Sushi
Arrange the ingredients
Hand Rolled Sushi
Roll the sushi
Evenly sprinkle 1/2 cup of the vinegar on the cooked rice (3 cups of rice + 6 cups of water). Stir the mixture thoroughly and let it cool. Spread the cooked rice on the seaweed and place the ingredients on top of the cooked rice as shown in the photo.
When it's ready, start to roll the sushi into a cylinder shape. Slice the sushi roll to small pieces and serve with wasabi and sushi sauces.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NUTP Is The Protector Of Teachers In Malaysia

NUTP Malaysia
Before I retired from teaching, I was always not on the same track with my boss. Perhaps, this was because our frequencies were different.
Serving as a teacher for decades, I had encountered countless problems that were created by the school heads. Fortunately I was a member of the National Union Of Teaching Profession (NUTP), otherwise I would had been in hot water long ago.
NUTP Malaysia
It can't be denied that the NUTP is the "guardian" and "protector" of the teaching profession and education in Malaysia. If I am not the NUTP's member, my teaching life would be very miserable.
"Unity is strength" is a truth. The consequence of lack of unity is pitiful. If you are a Malaysian teacher and have not yet joined the NUTP, feel free to apply immediately to be protected.