Tuesday, October 27, 2009

South Korea Seoul Capital Hotel

Itaewon Capital Hotel

My wife and I went to South Korea in 2005. We were traveling with a tour group. During our stay in South Korea, we also visited our son in Seoul.

We stayed in Capital Hotel for two nights while touring in South Korea. That was the first night when we arrived in South Korea and the night before flying back to KLIA.

Capital Hotel is located at Itaewon of Seoul. It's only 50 minutes drive from Incheon International Airport to Itaewon. Getting to Myeongdong from Itaewon is just a 30 minutes drive.

Itaewon Capital Hotel

Capital Hotel is a 4-star deluxe hotel. It has more than 200 guest rooms with modern facilities. Capital Hotel provides 24 hours caring room service that really appreciated by tourists.

Dynasty Grand Ballroom of Capital Hotel has a seating capacity for 1000 guests. It can be used for holding various party and meeting. In addition to that, Da Do Hae Japanese Restaurant, Sky Buffet Restaurant, Together Cafe, gymnasium, swimming pool and sauna are available in Capital Hotel.

Itaewon Capital Hotel

The above photo is an information pamphlet about Seoul. With a copy of this pamphlet in hand, you would be able to travel in Seoul with full satisfaction and bring back your sweet memories when return home.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Childhood Colourful Cookies

Colourful Cookies
I bought these colourful cookies at a cookie shop in Muar.
Before the Mid-Autumn festival, my wife and I went to Muar to buy moon cake. When I stepped into the cookie s
hop, I was surprised to see these colourful cookies displaying on the shelf.

These colourful cookies reminded me of my childhood. The cookie is divided into two parts. The lower layer is crispy biscuit and the upper layer is a nibble of sugar. When I was a small boy long ago, I used to eat the lower parts of the cookies first and then enjoyed the sweet nibbles of sugar later.

Same as reading Crayon Shin-Chan, after eating the colourful cookies as if the time had been rewound to childhood. It's so coincidence.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Malacca Little India--Jalan Bendahara

Malacca Little India
As Deepavali just around the corner, Malacca Little India at Jalan Bendahara will as bustling as Malacca Jonker Walk. If you are coming to Malacca on Deepavali eve, have a evening walk at Malacca Little India to explore the Indian festive in Malacca.

Malacca Little India
Malacca Little India is located at the city centre and just lest then 5 minutes walking distance from Renaissance Hotel or City Bayview Hotel. You can get any Deepavali festive supplies from here including festive ornaments, utensils, clothing and cookies. Just like one-stop shopping.

Malacca Little India
Long ago, there were only a few shops managed by Indian at Jalan Bendahara. Lately, many Indian shopping outlets had emerged here and gradually formed an Indian Street. That's why it was named Malacca Little India. Comparing with Singapore Little India, Kuala Lumpur Little India and Penang Little India, Malacca Little India is truly a Little India.

Malacca Little India
I believe that one day, Malacca Little India will become a popular tourist attraction in Malacca.