Thursday, January 31, 2008

Korean Seaweed 02

Korean Seaweed
Korean SeaweedThis is another variety of Korean seaweed. It's totally different with the one I mentioned before. The seaweed that I wrote about in my previous post is in thin slice form but this seaweed is in particle form.

From the second photo you can see that the seaweed is mixed with other ingredients. The bigger size substances and red in colour are shrimps. The oval shape objects and light yellow in colour are sesame seeds. The black dark portion of the photo is seaweed.

Needless to say, this seaweed is more tasty because it's added with shrimps and sesame seeds. You can take this seaweed with your meal. You can also sprinkle it on the bread and take with coffee or tea. I prefer to take it with a glass of beer when sitting in front of television watching my favorite program It's so relaxing and enjoying.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Korean Seaweed 01

Korean Seaweed
Korean Seaweed Do you know what is the stuff in the above photos ? That is Korean seaweed.

If you have taken sushi (Japanese cuisine) before then you should familiar with seaweed. Japanese use seaweed to roll up rice with fish and vegetables to make sushi.

Korean use seaweed to make food too. The name of this food is kimbap. The ingredients of sushi and kimbap are different. Korean use seaweed to roll up rice with egg, cheese, vegetables and fish or beef to make kimbap. The fish used for making kimbap normally is tuna. Kim is seaweed and bab means rice. Kimbap and sushi not only different in ingredients but also in sizes. Kimbap is longer in size and cut into smaller rolls when serve. Kimbap is Korean fast food. You can find kimbap at Kimbap Chonguk which is a chain shop in South Korea.

At present I don't have any photo of kimbap. I will write a post about kimbap later. My son will return to Korea after Chinese New Year and send me the photo of kimbap.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Harry Potter In South Korea

Harry Potter Harry Potter had been to South Korea. Really ? The above photo is an evidence. Harry Potter was posing in front of a building in Everland Theme Park.

Actually, I am just kidding. That was a Harry Potter movie poster that placed outside a cinema. The letters of the poster were in Korean except the second line. Honestly, I can't read any Korean word. I only speak a few simple words of Korean. According to my son, the first line at the top is "Victoria Cinema Program Information". The largest words mean "Harry Potter". Please inform me if I had wrongly interpreted.

I have no idea this poster is about which series of Harry Potter stories because I am not Harry Potter's fan.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Caring Korean

The Caring KoreanThis korean man was busy clearing the frozen snow from the ground. He was an employee of Everland Theme Park. The roads inside Everland Theme Park will be covered with snow during winter. They are wet and slippery. You have to be careful when walking along them. The caring korean will keep on removing the snow to ensure the safety of the visitors.

I still remembered that a lady of my tour group slipped on the frozen snow. She complained her back and buttock were so painful for the whole journey. If you don't have any winter life experience before just like Yan Hong then you have to put on a pair of shoes with good friction base when travelling in South Korea during winter. Otherwise, you have to beware of falling down and your buttock have to suffer. Adapting of climate is very important when travelling in a country with climate that is different from your homeland. That really will be a horrible nightmare if you are unable to do so.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Everland Theme Park 02

Everland Theme Park
Everland Theme ParkHui Ming is a young blogger from East Malaysia. She went to South Korea last month and brought back an amazing sweet memory. Before her departure, she enquired me some stuffs of South Korea. I told her to refer to my blog posts because most of them are about South Korea.

I contacted her after she was back from South Korea. She was very sastisfied with her trip to South Korea. Tourist attractions of South Korea really impressed her, particularly Everland Theme Park and Lotte World.

Everland Theme Park is a world level theme park. You shouldn't miss this popular attraction when you travel in South Korea. I visited Everland Theme Park too during my trip to South Korea in 2005. I wrote a post with few copies of photos regarding Everland Theme Park last year. Unfortunately, I didn't go to Lotte World.

These two photos of Everland Theme Park are different from my previous Everland Theme Park post. They were captured by my son who came back from South Korea recently. I put up these photos with this post for sharing with my readers. Feel free to read the previous Everland Theme Park post for more detail information.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold Winter In South Korea

Cold Winter In South KoreaMy visit to South Korea during winter in 2005 was really unforgettable. After a few hours flight, I had to adapt myself to a totally different climate. Wow, that was an amazing experience.

The winter temperature of South Korea is below 0 C. I am from a tropical country with hot weather for the whole year. The daytime temperature is above 30 C and the temperature is around 30 C at night. There is a great difference in temperature between my country and South Korea.

I had never spent my life in winter before I stepped on the land of South Korea. That was my first experience in my life. The winter of South Korea is too cold to me. I had to put on four layers of clothing and looked like a clumsy astronaut.

This photo was captured from the window of the hotel that I stayed when I was travelling in South Korea. As shown in the photo, the top of the buildings were covered with snow. You could imagine how cold it was.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sokcho Beach

Sokcho Beach
Sokcho BeachSokcho city is in Gangwon Province of South Korea. It is located along the coast of East Sea in north east of South Korea. Japan is at the other side of East Sea. Mt. Sorak is a popular tourist attraction nearby Sokcho City. Tourists that pay a visit to Mt Sorak will visit Sokcho city as well if time is permited.

Sokcho City is famous for its beach. Sokcho Beach is one of the South Korea beach that worth visiting. Its white soft sands and crystal clear water attracts many local and foreign tourists to visit. There are various facilities such as campsites, showering booth, dressing room, parking lots and lodging available for visitors. Sokcho Beach is one of the site for celebrating Haemaji (sunrise greeting) festival on 1st of January of every year.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mt. Sorak 02

Mt.SorakI write about Mt. Sorak of South Korea again. This is my second post regarding Mt. Sorak. The first post was written in December last year. My impression of Mt. Sorak was so unique. That is the reason I write this post.

Mt. Sorak is an attraction that tourists should visit when travelling in South Korea. Base on the travelling reviews that I had read, the best time to visit Mt. Sorak is during autumn. Mt. Sorak will full of numerous colourful leaves in autumn. If you like the beautiful falling season scenery then go ahead to visit Mt. Sorak around September to November.

The above photos of Mt. Sorak were taken in winter. The first photo looks like a Chinese painting. It's so artistic. The second photo shows the valley of Mt. Sorak fully covered with snow. Snow is nothing special for anyone from countries with four seasons. For those who have never seen snow in their life in tropical countries then the winter white snow of Mt. Sorak sure would be amazing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New YearHappy New Year to my friends and readers. Wishing all of you enjoy reading and writing blogs in 2008. I managed to complete 37 posts last year. I will write more this year. My target is 10 posts per month. Hopefully, I can do it. I have tons of photos and video clips of various countries but I write as slow as a snail. So, you have to be patient if you are interested in reading my posts.