Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New YearHappy New Year to my friends and readers. Wishing all of you enjoy reading and writing blogs in 2008. I managed to complete 37 posts last year. I will write more this year. My target is 10 posts per month. Hopefully, I can do it. I have tons of photos and video clips of various countries but I write as slow as a snail. So, you have to be patient if you are interested in reading my posts.


  1. new year got new aim is a good thing..i oso hav my good aim for my blog..hope can earn lot of money thru blog..

  2. Happy New Year To U...
    thanks for leaving me nice comment..

    there is a proverb saying 'Better Late Than Never"...so keep writing a post u like..!

    i'll be right here waiting!


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