Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mt. Sorak 02

Mt.SorakI write about Mt. Sorak of South Korea again. This is my second post regarding Mt. Sorak. The first post was written in December last year. My impression of Mt. Sorak was so unique. That is the reason I write this post.

Mt. Sorak is an attraction that tourists should visit when travelling in South Korea. Base on the travelling reviews that I had read, the best time to visit Mt. Sorak is during autumn. Mt. Sorak will full of numerous colourful leaves in autumn. If you like the beautiful falling season scenery then go ahead to visit Mt. Sorak around September to November.

The above photos of Mt. Sorak were taken in winter. The first photo looks like a Chinese painting. It's so artistic. The second photo shows the valley of Mt. Sorak fully covered with snow. Snow is nothing special for anyone from countries with four seasons. For those who have never seen snow in their life in tropical countries then the winter white snow of Mt. Sorak sure would be amazing.


  1. After reading your posts, I would like to visit some of the places in Korea someday.

    I wish I can transfer the snow in my yard to some places back home. I still have snow which have not melted yet.

  2. I wish i can go to Korea...
    I think there are lot of beautiful places there. I want to go to the Chun Yang site too (what's the name? that lake? The Palace?)

  3. hi! thanks for dropping by..
    one thing I like most about their films and drams hehehe ;-)

  4. Hi,

    Mt Sorak looks really nice and freezing, I have never seen snow before, wish I could also experience such a scenery in the future n_n

  5. nice! do they have ski resorts over there? just curious...not like i'm planning to go skiing near there


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