Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold Winter In South Korea

Cold Winter In South KoreaMy visit to South Korea during winter in 2005 was really unforgettable. After a few hours flight, I had to adapt myself to a totally different climate. Wow, that was an amazing experience.

The winter temperature of South Korea is below 0 C. I am from a tropical country with hot weather for the whole year. The daytime temperature is above 30 C and the temperature is around 30 C at night. There is a great difference in temperature between my country and South Korea.

I had never spent my life in winter before I stepped on the land of South Korea. That was my first experience in my life. The winter of South Korea is too cold to me. I had to put on four layers of clothing and looked like a clumsy astronaut.

This photo was captured from the window of the hotel that I stayed when I was travelling in South Korea. As shown in the photo, the top of the buildings were covered with snow. You could imagine how cold it was.


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  3. i went there in march...i managed the cold weather :) but it's nice to see the snow.


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