Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Korean Seaweed 01

Korean Seaweed
Korean Seaweed Do you know what is the stuff in the above photos ? That is Korean seaweed.

If you have taken sushi (Japanese cuisine) before then you should familiar with seaweed. Japanese use seaweed to roll up rice with fish and vegetables to make sushi.

Korean use seaweed to make food too. The name of this food is kimbap. The ingredients of sushi and kimbap are different. Korean use seaweed to roll up rice with egg, cheese, vegetables and fish or beef to make kimbap. The fish used for making kimbap normally is tuna. Kim is seaweed and bab means rice. Kimbap and sushi not only different in ingredients but also in sizes. Kimbap is longer in size and cut into smaller rolls when serve. Kimbap is Korean fast food. You can find kimbap at Kimbap Chonguk which is a chain shop in South Korea.

At present I don't have any photo of kimbap. I will write a post about kimbap later. My son will return to Korea after Chinese New Year and send me the photo of kimbap.

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  1. i love this korean sea son love korean wife always eat this seaweeds with kimchi and my parents in law send us seaweed every moth..we love sea delicious..

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