Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dining At Shilin Market

Shilin Market

We savored our first meal at Shilin Market during our trip to Taiwan early November last year.

Beef Fried Rice

We ordered three dishes. As you can see from the photo, one of the foods was delicious beef fried rice.

Eel Fried Noodles

The second dish was eel fried noodles. The price of this plate of eel fried noodles was NT 100. The ingredients were eel, yi mian, spring onion and bean sprouts.

Rib Soup

Besides fried rice and fried noodles, we ordered a bowl of big rib soup. The name of this rib soup is "Shi Quan Pai Gu Tang". It's a bowl of rib soup cooked with herbs.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Jonker Walk Shop House Blaze

Jonker Walk Blaze

A shop house was on fire at Jonker Walk on Yuan Xiao Festival night.

Gu Pong Enterprise

The fire started at 11:30 pm. The building involved in the fire is a shop selling Malacca local foods.

Jonker Walk

When the fire broke out that night, Jonker Walk was still flooded with Malacca residents and tourists from all over the world.

Jonker Walk

Although Kubu Fire Station is not far away but the fire engine was unable to reach the fire location in the shortest time. This was because the crowd at Jonker Walk blocked the movement of the fire engine.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Selangor N25 Kajang By-election

Khalid Ibrahim

With the resignation Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh, the Speaker of Selangor State Legislative Assembly Hannah Yeoh officially declared the N25 Kajang seat vacant.

The resignation of Lee Chin Cheh was to enable Anwar Ibrahim to contest in N25 Kajang by-election. This incident is believed to be associated with the dispute between Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim will take over Selangor Menteri Besar post if he won the N25 Kajang by-election which will be held on 23 March this year.

The conflict of Abdul Khalid Ibrahim with Azmin Ali has been going on long ago. Anwar Ibrahim has to sort out their controversy as soon as possible. If not the stability of PKR will be affected. Furthermore PKR center committee member election will kick off in May.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweet Memories Facebook Video

It seems that I have hanging around with Facebook for more than 2000 days.

Falling in love with Facebook for more than six years. It ends up facebook can't be separated from my daily life.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

From Vegas To Macau

Grand Lisboa Casino

My wife and I didn't visit cinema for quite long time. Last Friday, we went to Malacca to see "From Vegas to Macau".

Macau Lisboa Casino

We decided to see this show was due to our last year Macau trip. We wished to watch the Macau invincible night scenery again on the screen.

From Vegas to Macau

"From Vegas to Macau" was directed by Wong Jing and produced by Andrew Lau. List of actors include Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse. Both of them are truly popular among Hong Kong Cantonese moviegoers.

Macau Venetian Casino

The Plot of this movie is so amazing. It's proven that the productions of Ah Beng and Namewee are totally no quality.

What a pity, the outdoor shooting was too limited. The night scene of Grand Lisboa Hotel and Venetian Casino appeared for a while only.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jeju Charming Night

Jeju Night

We followed the road in front of sushi stall to Jeju Town after savoring dinner.

Try to guess what is this shop? Based on the information of the billboard, perhaps it's a karaoke.

Jeju Night

The roads around Jeju Town were flooded with vehicles. Shops along the street were brightly lit up. The shining light had brightened the sky of Jeju night.


There is a 7-11 politics party in Malaysia. Coincidentally, a 7-11 Hotel is also available in Jeju. Actually that's a 7-11 Convenience Shop in the Gaia Hotel.

Korean ABC-Mart

ABC-Mart is a shop selling branded shoes. Beyond branded shoes, this shop also sells other sport products. There is a larger ABC-Mart at Myeongdong, Seoul.

Tom N Toms Cafe

Arriving at Tom N Toms Cafe, we stopped to take a few shots with my Nikon camera. The cafe is at the other side of the street. If not we would like to drop in to have some coffee.

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