Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kuala Lipis Infomation Square

Information Square

Information Square is located in Kuala Lipis old town. A wide range of information can be acquired from this information square.

information Square

This photo is about the locations of various historical sites of Kuala Lipis.

Kuala Lipis was once a place of tin and gold mining. That's why there are many historical buildings left by the British who had operating mining in Kuala Lipis.

Post Office

This white post office is next to information square. Built in 1910, the history of the post office is more than a century.

In order to facilitate the delivery of mail, a railway station was built beside the post office. For your information, the post office is still running currently.


There is a zero km milestone in Kota Kinabalu. A zero km milestone is also available in Kuala Lipis. Based on historical record, this zero km milestone was erected in 1890. The calculation of the distance between Kuala Lipis and Kuala Lumpur starting from this zero km milestone.

I will post article on Pahang Club, State Mosque, SMK Clifford, railway station, Tianhou Temple, Clifford residence, Kuala Lipis old town and accommodation information.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Price Hike Christmas


After 505 13th Malaysia General Election, the price of various goods has soared up. This price hike problem has caused low income group of people live in misery.

I will be emotional during this festive season every year. Before retire, I would be busy preparing teaching materials for the coming year. Now I will recall the bitter and sweet of my teaching life for decades.

I would like to wish my friends and blog readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown

KT Chinatown

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is located outside Sri Malaysia Hotel. Getting out from Sri Malaysia Hotel, you will see the memorial arch of Chinatown.

KT Chinatown

The traffic along Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is truly heavy during the day. The road is packed with vehicles. It's incredible that Chinatown as a tourist hotspot has no walkway at both sides of the road.

KT Chinatown

There are many new buildings appear around Kuala Trengganu Chinatown. This shows that government is unconcerned in the preservation of historical site which could boost tourism and generate the income of local residents.

KT Chinatown

This is a stall selling Hainan rice in Kuala Trengganu Chinatown. The stall is close to Sri Malaysia Hotel. A plate of Hainan rice is RM 4. The price is reasonable and the food is delicious. The location of the stall is ideal and the surrounding is not noisy.

KT Chinatown

Hainan rice is no different with mixed rice which is available in various parts of Malaysia. Actually Hainan rice is a mixture of mixed rice with chicken rice.

The ingredients of Hainan rice are rice, chicken, fried egg Chinese flowering cabbage and cabbage or Chinese cabbage. Though chicken rice is the famous Hainan food but Kuala Trengganu Hainan rice is also not bad.

KT Chinatown

The architecture of Heann Temple is really amazing. Heann Temple is one of the oldest temples in Trengganu. Constructed during Qing Dynasty, Heann Temple was a place where Chinese gathered and prayed.

We had been to Kuala Trengganu in the 80s. The situation of Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is almost same as before. The only different is the river bank beside Chinatown was filled with sand. This project had totally destroyed the beautiful scenery of Terengganu River estuary.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Taipei Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market was the first destination we visited during our 7 days 6 nights trip to Taiwan.

Shilin Night Market

This photo shows the hustle bustle of Shilin Night Market. The narrow street was packed with people. The stalls along the street sell a wide range of stuffs.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is located in the northern part of Taipei. A variety of Taiwan food is sold at Shilin Night Market. In front of these two shops were flooded with customers. They were queued to buy beef stick and chicken chop.

Shilin Night Market

The intestine hot dog has become very famous in Taiwan. The stores which are selling the intestine hot dog can be seen all over Shilin Night Market.

The intestine is stuffed with seasoned glutinous rice. The stuffed intestine is served with Taiwan sausage after charcoal grill together.

Shilin Night Market

There are many delicious food available at Shilin Night Market include Singapore cuisine.

The Taiwan stinky tofu is truly popular at Shilin Night Market. This Taiwan stinky tofu challenges your taste buds. Besides that fried squid and fried onigiri are also provided by the food stalls at Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market

Apart from the delicacies mention above, sate, steamboat, fried oyster, oyster noodles, onion pancake, spicy cold noodles, Mongolian barbecue, star fruit drink, bitter gourd drink and milk papaya drink also can be tasted at Shilin Night Market.

After savoring finger licking Taiwan food, you can go shopping by visiting shoes stores, clothing stores, souvenir stores, fresh fruit stores or Taiwan special products stores.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Savoring Delicious Jeju Kimbap

Jeju Island

Getting out from Vegas Hotel, we were heading to Jeju town to take dinner. We stopped at this food stall just a few steps beside the hotel.

Jeju Island

A bright food signboard was placed in front of this food stall. There were bilingual on the signboard. They were Korean and Chinese. Luckily we can read Chinese. If not we had to use finger language.

Pork Noodles

Based on the food signboard menu, I ordered a big bowl of pork noodles with seaweed. The ingredient of the pork noodles are carrot, noodles, seaweed, Jeju pork, spring onion, bean sprouts and pickled radish.


The second dish of our dinner in Jeju Island was a colorful kimbap. This kimbap roll was really beautiful and delicious. The price of the kimbap was reasonable.

I thought the price of food in Jeju Island is expensive but actually it's more affordable than in Seoul. After enjoying dinner, we went for exploring Jeju town.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Macau Rua Do Tarrafeiro


We walked along Rua Do Tarrafeiro to Ruins of St Paul's during our Macau holiday trip.

Macau Car Park

Before turning into Rua Do Tarafeiro, we passed by Macau interior port car park near Macau Sofitel Hotel Ponte 16.


Rua Do Tarafeiro is a narrow street. The vehicles were moving rapidly beside us. Luckily there were walkways at both sides of the road.

Kao Lei Fruit Shop

Kao Lei Fruit Shop is at the corner lot. It's at the junction of Rua dos Colonos and Rua Do Tarafeiro. This fruit shop provides a variety of fresh fruits.

Mcdona Cake and Bakery

Mcdona Cake and Bakery is at the opposite of Kai Lei Fruit Shop. The name of this shop is the combination of artist Madonna and fast food restaurant McDonald.

City of Dreams Umbrella

It rained drizzly when we arrived at the front of Luis De Camoes Park. Pedestrians crossed the road with umbrella in a hurry. A woman was carrying a child and holding an umbrella printed "City of Dream".


There is a t-junction at the end of Rua Do Tarrafeiro. A fountain was build in the middle of the t-junction. Turn left from the fountain, you will be heading to Rua De Coelho Do Amaral. Proceed to the right you will be reaching Ruins of St Paul's in less than 5 minutes.

It only takes around 15 to 20 minutes by walking slowly from Sofitel Hotel Ponte 16 to Ruins of St Paul's. Never expect have to walk here and there while traveling abroad. Although we are seldom exercises for quite long time but fortunately our health is still in good condition.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

KK Welcome Seafood Restaurant

Welcome Seafood Restaurant

During our stay in Sabah, we dined at Kota Kinabalu Welcome Seafood Restaurant at second night.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant

We ordered three dishes for our seafood dinner. The first dish was steamed tiger grouper.

Although this swimming tiger grouper was fresh but it's not as delicious as the steamed red snapper of Sekinchan Ten Tian Lai Seafood Restaurant.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant

The second dish was steamed big prawns. These big prawns were also very fresh but I prefer the butter prawns of Ten Tian Lai Seafood Restaurant.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant had to serve too many customers. Perhaps that's the reason the restaurant unable to provide tasty food.

Welcome Restaurant

Instead this plate of bracken was quite mouth watering.

The business of Welcome Seafood Restaurant is super good but this doesn't mean that the food it serves is perfect.

It's no doubt that everyone's appetite is different. So I can't comment that the food of Welcome Seafood Restaurant is not good enough.

Lot G 13-18, Ground Floor, Kompleks Asia City,
Jalan Asia City, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Summary Of Sekinchan Escape


Lately tourists flooded Sekinchan, the land of fish and rice of Selangor.

Purple Town Hotel

There are two hotels at Sekinchan new town. This is the photo of Purple Town Hotel. The other hotel is Harbor View Hotel.

Ten Tian Lai Restaurant

Sekinchan fresh seafood is truly delicious especially the seafood of Ten Tian Lai Restaurant. The chefs of Ten Tian Lai Restaurant are very professional. Customers will praise them after dining at Ten Tian Lai Restaurant.

Redang Beach

After savoring seafood, you can proceed to Redang Beach for riding the cool sea breeze. Strolling on the soft sand beach and listening to the sound of wave taping the coast. Set aside the daily routine and relax yourself at Redang Beach.


Sekinchan is perfect for family having vacation because the countryside environment is totally different from urban areas.

Parents able to have a time of hush and children may have different life experiences. They have the opportunity to get involved in village activities which are totally not the same with their city lives.

Paddy Transplanter

Apart from fishing village, Sekinchan paddy field is also breathtaking. Nowadays paddy planting in Sekinchan is already mechanized.

Sekinchan farmers harvest paddy twice a year. In case you wish to view the beautiful golden paddy field, you should ensure the exact date before heading to Sekinchan.

PLS Marketing Rice Mill

PLS Marketing Rice Mill is open for public to visit. Visiting rice will enable you to explore the knowledge on rice processing.

From removing the husk to rice packaging, all the procedures will be shown in front of you. Before leaving the rice mill, remember to buy PLS Marketing Class A pearl rice.


There was a stall outside PLS Marketing Rice Mill. The stuffs sold at that stall were mainly Sekinchan local fruits and vegetables. They were yam, maize, melon, mango, bell fruit, pineapple and sweet potato. Pearl rice and dried shrimp were also available.

Drop by Sekinchan market perhaps you can buy some items that are not expected.

Ng Suee Lin

When it comes to tourism in Sekinchan, contribution of DAP Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lin shouldn't be denied. He has tried the best to promote Sekinchan tourism industry. That's why he is very popular among Sekinchan folks.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jasin Selandar Zhen Jiang Gong

Zhen Jiang Gong

Besides Qing Long Gong, there is another temple around Jasin. This temple is named Zhen Jiang Gong and located at Selandar.

Zhen Jiang Gong

The craftsmanship of the magnificent arch is truly superb. It has turned into a tourist hotspot at Selandar. Many tourists are impressed by the spectacular arch and flock to Zhen Jiang Gong to take photo and video.

Zhen Jiang Gong

Zhen Jiang Gong had relocated for few times due to the land problem. Finally the temple was built at the present site.

The construction of the new temple building was completed in 1998. Zhen Jiang Gong celebrates God Festival grandly every year.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dining At Hill View Restaurant

Hill View Restaurant

During our trip to Fraser Hill in June, we dined at Hill View Restaurant for two nights.

Stir-Fried Beef

We ordered two dishes for the first dinner. One of the dishes was stir-fried beef with ginger and spring onions.

Mixed Vegetables

The second dish was mixed vegetables. The ingredients of the mixed vegetables were peas, corn, onion, carrot, cauliflower, spring onion and Chinese cabbage.

Onion Omelette

The onion omelette was the first dish for our second dinner at Fraser Hill. This onion omelette wasn't cheap but the omelette we ate at Saint Germain was more expensive.

Sweet and Sour Pork

The other dish was sweet and sour pork. It seemed that onion and tomato were more than pork. So this dish should be named as fried pork with onion and tomato.

The road to Fraser Hill is narrow and winding. Beyond that most of the cooking materials are from other places. That's why the price of food at Fraser Hill is higher than the plains.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm

Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm

We were heading to Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm after leaving Volendam Fishing Village.

Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm

Because Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm is near to Volendam Fishing Village, we moved to the farm after savoring the fragrant coffee in Volendam Fishing Village.

Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm

Upon arriving at the factory, we were led to a workshop for making clogs. The man in the picture showed us how a pair of clog was made. His skill of making clogs was truly amazing.


There were many different designs of clogs hung on the wall. These colorful and attractive clogs were ready for sale to the visitors. You may either put on the clogs or keep them as souvenirs.


Besides making clogs, this farm also produce the renowned Netherlands cheese. After watching clogs making, we proceeded to the cheese showroom. Various sizes and colors of cheese were displayed on the rack for sale.


The cheese slices in the plate were for customers to taste. There was a wide range of flavor of cheese available. You can buy the cheese you like.

I never expect the trip to Europe enable me to witness the process of making clogs. It's proven that traveling able broaden one's vision. If you don't want to be a frog in a well, you have to getting around here and there.

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