Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Summary Of Sekinchan Escape


Lately tourists flooded Sekinchan, the land of fish and rice of Selangor.

Purple Town Hotel

There are two hotels at Sekinchan new town. This is the photo of Purple Town Hotel. The other hotel is Harbor View Hotel.

Ten Tian Lai Restaurant

Sekinchan fresh seafood is truly delicious especially the seafood of Ten Tian Lai Restaurant. The chefs of Ten Tian Lai Restaurant are very professional. Customers will praise them after dining at Ten Tian Lai Restaurant.

Redang Beach

After savoring seafood, you can proceed to Redang Beach for riding the cool sea breeze. Strolling on the soft sand beach and listening to the sound of wave taping the coast. Set aside the daily routine and relax yourself at Redang Beach.


Sekinchan is perfect for family having vacation because the countryside environment is totally different from urban areas.

Parents able to have a time of hush and children may have different life experiences. They have the opportunity to get involved in village activities which are totally not the same with their city lives.

Paddy Transplanter

Apart from fishing village, Sekinchan paddy field is also breathtaking. Nowadays paddy planting in Sekinchan is already mechanized.

Sekinchan farmers harvest paddy twice a year. In case you wish to view the beautiful golden paddy field, you should ensure the exact date before heading to Sekinchan.

PLS Marketing Rice Mill

PLS Marketing Rice Mill is open for public to visit. Visiting rice will enable you to explore the knowledge on rice processing.

From removing the husk to rice packaging, all the procedures will be shown in front of you. Before leaving the rice mill, remember to buy PLS Marketing Class A pearl rice.


There was a stall outside PLS Marketing Rice Mill. The stuffs sold at that stall were mainly Sekinchan local fruits and vegetables. They were yam, maize, melon, mango, bell fruit, pineapple and sweet potato. Pearl rice and dried shrimp were also available.

Drop by Sekinchan market perhaps you can buy some items that are not expected.

Ng Suee Lin

When it comes to tourism in Sekinchan, contribution of DAP Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lin shouldn't be denied. He has tried the best to promote Sekinchan tourism industry. That's why he is very popular among Sekinchan folks.

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