Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jasin Selandar Zhen Jiang Gong

Zhen Jiang Gong

Besides Qing Long Gong, there is another temple around Jasin. This temple is named Zhen Jiang Gong and located at Selandar.

Zhen Jiang Gong

The craftsmanship of the magnificent arch is truly superb. It has turned into a tourist hotspot at Selandar. Many tourists are impressed by the spectacular arch and flock to Zhen Jiang Gong to take photo and video.

Zhen Jiang Gong

Zhen Jiang Gong had relocated for few times due to the land problem. Finally the temple was built at the present site.

The construction of the new temple building was completed in 1998. Zhen Jiang Gong celebrates God Festival grandly every year.

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