Thursday, December 19, 2013

Savoring Delicious Jeju Kimbap

Jeju Island

Getting out from Vegas Hotel, we were heading to Jeju town to take dinner. We stopped at this food stall just a few steps beside the hotel.

Jeju Island

A bright food signboard was placed in front of this food stall. There were bilingual on the signboard. They were Korean and Chinese. Luckily we can read Chinese. If not we had to use finger language.

Pork Noodles

Based on the food signboard menu, I ordered a big bowl of pork noodles with seaweed. The ingredient of the pork noodles are carrot, noodles, seaweed, Jeju pork, spring onion, bean sprouts and pickled radish.


The second dish of our dinner in Jeju Island was a colorful kimbap. This kimbap roll was really beautiful and delicious. The price of the kimbap was reasonable.

I thought the price of food in Jeju Island is expensive but actually it's more affordable than in Seoul. After enjoying dinner, we went for exploring Jeju town.

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