Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rooster New Year Highlights


We enjoyed steamboat dinner during Lunar New Year's Eve.


Although the food was not abundant, the steamboat dinner was very extraordinary because it was a meaningful family reunion.

Red Packets

These were the red packets given by my children. The amount of the money is not important as long as they have the good intention.


We savored pizza which was bake by our daughter in law during second day morning of Lunar New Year.


I went out to do something during the fourth day of Lunar New Year. On the way, I was so shocked when saw a ghost in a Kenari car.


On the fifth day of Lunar New Year, we saw our son off to Singapore at Malacca bus terminal.


Before returning home, we dropped by Sushi Zanmai Restaurant.


Do you know what food is this?


We ordered natto as appetizers. Korean and Japanese are fond of eating the nutritious natto.

Sushi Zanmai Restaurant

After taking lunch, we wefied in front Sushi Zanmai Restaurant.

The Shore Hotel

Located in The Shore Hotel building, the food and the service provided by Sushi Zanmai Restaurant are good.


No news broadcasting during Lunar New Year. My wife missed the handsome broadcasters.


Our children have started to work. It's again my wife and I tasting the cookies for the afternoon tea time.

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