Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malacca Expo 2008

Malacca Expo 2008Midyear school holidays started on 24 May. Don't just sit in front of the computer monitor for the whole school holidays. Where to relax yourself ? Well, I think go visiting Malacca Expo 2008 is a good suggestion.

Malacca Expo 2008
Malacca Expo 2008
Date : 24 May to 1 June
Time : 11 am to 10 pm
Venue : Malacca International Trade Center
MITC is located at Air Keroh, Malacca. It's less then 5 minutes drive from Air Keroh Toll.
Malacca Expo 2008Besides exhibit various commercial products, expo also offer stage shows, bid the best, grand sale and daily lucky draw. The performances are "Snake Challenge" and "Aqua Show".

Malacca Expo 2008The exhibition venue has several stalls that serve food and beverage. Have a refreshment if you are tiring of walking around.
Malacca Expo 2008
You can enjoy your drink at Orange Cafe in case you are unable to adapt the noisy environment.
Malacca Expo 2008 admission fee and parking are free. So, what are you waiting for ?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

 Singapore Cafe Iguana

 Singapore Cafe IguanaI asked James (the hotel receptionist) where to go at night. One of the suggestions given by James was to have a drink at Cafe Iguana of Riverside Point.

Cafe Iguana is next door to the Jumbo Seafood. According to James, Cafe Iguana is a famous Mexican restaurant and bar in Singapore.

If you like alcoholic beverage, Cafe Iguana is the right place for you. Enjoy your favorite drink with your friends at Cafe Iguana and make your visit to Singapore a sweet memory.