Monday, December 16, 2013

Macau Rua Do Tarrafeiro


We walked along Rua Do Tarrafeiro to Ruins of St Paul's during our Macau holiday trip.

Macau Car Park

Before turning into Rua Do Tarafeiro, we passed by Macau interior port car park near Macau Sofitel Hotel Ponte 16.


Rua Do Tarafeiro is a narrow street. The vehicles were moving rapidly beside us. Luckily there were walkways at both sides of the road.

Kao Lei Fruit Shop

Kao Lei Fruit Shop is at the corner lot. It's at the junction of Rua dos Colonos and Rua Do Tarafeiro. This fruit shop provides a variety of fresh fruits.

Mcdona Cake and Bakery

Mcdona Cake and Bakery is at the opposite of Kai Lei Fruit Shop. The name of this shop is the combination of artist Madonna and fast food restaurant McDonald.

City of Dreams Umbrella

It rained drizzly when we arrived at the front of Luis De Camoes Park. Pedestrians crossed the road with umbrella in a hurry. A woman was carrying a child and holding an umbrella printed "City of Dream".


There is a t-junction at the end of Rua Do Tarrafeiro. A fountain was build in the middle of the t-junction. Turn left from the fountain, you will be heading to Rua De Coelho Do Amaral. Proceed to the right you will be reaching Ruins of St Paul's in less than 5 minutes.

It only takes around 15 to 20 minutes by walking slowly from Sofitel Hotel Ponte 16 to Ruins of St Paul's. Never expect have to walk here and there while traveling abroad. Although we are seldom exercises for quite long time but fortunately our health is still in good condition.

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