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Kuala Trengganu Chinatown

KT Chinatown

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is located outside Sri Malaysia Hotel. Getting out from Sri Malaysia Hotel, you will see the memorial arch of Chinatown.

KT Chinatown

The traffic along Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is truly heavy during the day. The road is packed with vehicles. It's incredible that Chinatown as a tourist hotspot has no walkway at both sides of the road.

KT Chinatown

There are many new buildings appear around Kuala Trengganu Chinatown. This shows that government is unconcerned in the preservation of historical site which could boost tourism and generate the income of local residents.

KT Chinatown

This is a stall selling Hainan rice in Kuala Trengganu Chinatown. The stall is close to Sri Malaysia Hotel. A plate of Hainan rice is RM 4. The price is reasonable and the food is delicious. The location of the stall is ideal and the surrounding is not noisy.

KT Chinatown

Hainan rice is no different with mixed rice which is available in various parts of Malaysia. Actually Hainan rice is a mixture of mixed rice with chicken rice.

The ingredients of Hainan rice are rice, chicken, fried egg Chinese flowering cabbage and cabbage or Chinese cabbage. Though chicken rice is the famous Hainan food but Kuala Trengganu Hainan rice is also not bad.

KT Chinatown

The architecture of Heann Temple is really amazing. Heann Temple is one of the oldest temples in Trengganu. Constructed during Qing Dynasty, Heann Temple was a place where Chinese gathered and prayed.

We had been to Kuala Trengganu in the 80s. The situation of Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is almost same as before. The only different is the river bank beside Chinatown was filled with sand. This project had totally destroyed the beautiful scenery of Terengganu River estuary.

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