Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jeju Charming Night

Jeju Night

We followed the road in front of sushi stall to Jeju Town after savoring dinner.

Try to guess what is this shop? Based on the information of the billboard, perhaps it's a karaoke.

Jeju Night

The roads around Jeju Town were flooded with vehicles. Shops along the street were brightly lit up. The shining light had brightened the sky of Jeju night.


There is a 7-11 politics party in Malaysia. Coincidentally, a 7-11 Hotel is also available in Jeju. Actually that's a 7-11 Convenience Shop in the Gaia Hotel.

Korean ABC-Mart

ABC-Mart is a shop selling branded shoes. Beyond branded shoes, this shop also sells other sport products. There is a larger ABC-Mart at Myeongdong, Seoul.

Tom N Toms Cafe

Arriving at Tom N Toms Cafe, we stopped to take a few shots with my Nikon camera. The cafe is at the other side of the street. If not we would like to drop in to have some coffee.

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