Thursday, January 31, 2008

Korean Seaweed 02

Korean Seaweed
Korean SeaweedThis is another variety of Korean seaweed. It's totally different with the one I mentioned before. The seaweed that I wrote about in my previous post is in thin slice form but this seaweed is in particle form.

From the second photo you can see that the seaweed is mixed with other ingredients. The bigger size substances and red in colour are shrimps. The oval shape objects and light yellow in colour are sesame seeds. The black dark portion of the photo is seaweed.

Needless to say, this seaweed is more tasty because it's added with shrimps and sesame seeds. You can take this seaweed with your meal. You can also sprinkle it on the bread and take with coffee or tea. I prefer to take it with a glass of beer when sitting in front of television watching my favorite program It's so relaxing and enjoying.

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