Friday, January 25, 2008

Everland Theme Park 02

Everland Theme Park
Everland Theme ParkHui Ming is a young blogger from East Malaysia. She went to South Korea last month and brought back an amazing sweet memory. Before her departure, she enquired me some stuffs of South Korea. I told her to refer to my blog posts because most of them are about South Korea.

I contacted her after she was back from South Korea. She was very sastisfied with her trip to South Korea. Tourist attractions of South Korea really impressed her, particularly Everland Theme Park and Lotte World.

Everland Theme Park is a world level theme park. You shouldn't miss this popular attraction when you travel in South Korea. I visited Everland Theme Park too during my trip to South Korea in 2005. I wrote a post with few copies of photos regarding Everland Theme Park last year. Unfortunately, I didn't go to Lotte World.

These two photos of Everland Theme Park are different from my previous Everland Theme Park post. They were captured by my son who came back from South Korea recently. I put up these photos with this post for sharing with my readers. Feel free to read the previous Everland Theme Park post for more detail information.

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  1. So surprised to see my name mentioned here, hehe~~

    Have been busy all these days and not yet finished writing all posts of my trip to Korea.

    By the way, which place are you coming from? Seems like you've gone to so many places. Now I'm still saving $$ to have my world trip. ^^

    P/S: I thought you are just few years older than me, then I realized that you have a son
    already!! Haha~~


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