Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delicious Home Made Sushi

SushiAfter tasting the delicious sushi which was given by my student, I began to like to eat sushi. I requested my wife to make the sushi for me. She got a copy of the recipe from the student's mother and enquired her about the making of the hand-rolled sushi.

Sumo Calrose RiceSumo Calrose Rice
Sumo Calrose RiceSumo Calrose Rice

Sushi Seasoning VinegarVinegar

Sushi Ingredients
Crab Filament, Carrot, Japanese Cucumber & Fried Egg
The above photos are the ingredients of making the hand-rolled sushi. These ingredients are available at the food department of the Jaya Jusco Supermarket.
Remember to buy the rice and the vinegar which are imported from Japan or South Korea. Otherwise the taste of the sushi wouldn't be so nice. Don't use the seaweed which is other than green in colour for rolling the sushi.
In case you dislike the ingredients that I suggested, you can replace them with your favorite ingredients that suit your taste.
Hand Rolled Sushi
Arrange the ingredients
Hand Rolled Sushi
Roll the sushi
Evenly sprinkle 1/2 cup of the vinegar on the cooked rice (3 cups of rice + 6 cups of water). Stir the mixture thoroughly and let it cool. Spread the cooked rice on the seaweed and place the ingredients on top of the cooked rice as shown in the photo.
When it's ready, start to roll the sushi into a cylinder shape. Slice the sushi roll to small pieces and serve with wasabi and sushi sauces.


  1. Give me some wasabi and I'm set. Yummy. :)

  2. Hi Sandee,
    you are welcome.
    You can have what you want.

  3. i will definitely have that when i go back! Don't miss me out!

  4. hello ~
    your blog is very interesting

    i'm Korean kkk
    this food name is kimbab.
    no sushi....

    sushi is Japaness's food....ㅠㅠ

    you know this different things...

    have a good day!

  5. hi~
    your blog is very interesting~

    because I'm Korean?kkkkk

    This food called kimbab.
    Not sushi..ㅠㅠ

    you know this differnt thing^^

    have a nice day~

  6. hey, visiting u back~~
    i like this post!!
    i wana do sushi for a long time dy but i dont know wat's the true procedure... thx for ur guide...

  7. i always said wanna make sushi..even bought a book about sushi but really is too lazy to do so....
    thanks for dropping by

  8. visit bc.makes me hungry nia....
    2molo plan go shushi king.....

  9. 惠云, Angie :

    It's very simple. Just follow the steps that I mentioned.

    Bear Bear, tom, Jussi Koiranen :

    Make yourselves at home.
    Go ahead to enjoy the delicious home made sushi.

  10. wow, looks nice! i should try this some time!! :)

  11. Lao Shi Chao An!

    I should learn how to wrap that Sushi... kind of amazing stuff to practice. Thanks for sharing !!

  12. A korean friend taught me the way to roll the kimbap. it's neither easy nor difficult,and the mat is really helping. I'm getting hungry. hmm..

  13. That totally looks like kimbap, but technically, if the rice is seasoned, it's actually sushi, although the ingredients you've used closely resemble kimbap. I'm a Taiwanese-American that grew up in a family with a lot of Japanese influences and traditions, particularly in cooking. And growing up in Los Angeles, I know my Korean food. So trust me, that is sushi because you've seasoned the rice and used short grain rice, but actually, the ingredients and the way they were prepared, cut and rolled is kimbap style. Looks tasty, anyhow!

    - Tiffanie

  14. Hi kEwL MomMa,

    Yes, it's delicious.

    Hi Jys,

    It's very simple. Go ahead to roll your delicious sushi.

    Hi Kengkaru,
    Cao an to you too and thank you for you comment.

    Hi mell f,
    Yes, you have to use the mini bamboo mat to roll the sushi.

  15. Hi Tiffanie,

    Thank you for your detail description. You are totally right. Now, I can differentiate the kimbap and the sushi. Can you suggest more ingredients for making sushi.

  16. Hi, you travel yeah. Thank you for dropping by my blog. :)

  17. Oh yes, the sushi does look very delicious. Yummy.

  18. You have enlightened me! Now I know how to do this correctly. Great information!

  19. I have been enlightened! Now I know how to do this correctly. Great info!


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