Friday, July 2, 2010

The Legend Of The Malacca Tree

Malacca Tree
The Malacca Tree and the historical city of Malacca were closely related. Undoubtedly, the Malacca Tree was an essential element of the history of Malacca.

Malacca Tree
There were various versions regarding the naming of the Malacca. The version which was widely known by Malaysian was related to the Malacca Tree.

Malacca Tree
One day in the 15th century, Parameswara (The founder of Malacca) was hunting with his followers. Suddenly, A Kung Fu Mouse Deer kicked a few weak hunting dogs into a river. The incident was too marvellous. Parameswara decided to settle down there.

Malacca Tree
Coincidentally at that time Parameswara was standing under a tree. He enquired his attendant the name of that tree. Knowing that was a Malacca Tree, he named his new kingdom as Malacca.

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  1. wow amazing posts, very interesting your posts really made my day..

  2. nice post .. i like legend keep blogging my friend...

  3. Very well said mister. =) Keep on posting. And I like the way you share ideas to your audience.

  4. is the fruit edible? when I visited JB last year I saw someone selling preserved fruit and she said it's 'buah melaka'...wondering if it came from the same tree...

  5. Lina:
    Me too.

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    Oic, you like legend. Remember to visit me often.

    So you like kong fu mouse deer.

    Angel Bear:
    The fruit is edible. Feel free to read The fruits of the Malacca Tree for more information.


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