Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Admiral Zheng He Was Trapped In The Dutch Stadhuys

Admiral Zheng He
Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) led a series of seven voyages in the 15th century. His fleet consisted of numerous ships and crew. He conquered the boundless ocean and enhanced the diplomacy of China.

Despite globally renowned, Admiral Zheng He was trapped in the Malacca Dutch Stadhuys. I do not boast because the photos of this article are the evidence.

Admiral Zheng He
Placed the statue of Admiral Zheng He in the Malacca Dutch Stadhuys was really absurd. Could it be no appropriate location in Malacca ?

As the statue of St. Francis Xavier was allowed to be erected at the St. Paul Hill for few hundred years, why not moved the statue of Admiral Zheng He to the San Bao Shan (Zheng He Hill)?


  1. I agree with you..maybe the Government are too emotional to moved Zheng He..

  2. The tourist won't have much idea about this but it's a shame to insiders like us.

  3. Biopolymath:
    You should show your colours to them.


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