Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sungai Jerik Maran Pahang

Sungai Jerik
Sungai Jerik is located in Maran, Pahang. It is surrounded by virgin forest and oil palm plantation.

Six rescuers were killed by the weird disease after rescuing a drown victim was occurred nearby Sungai Jerik. If you are heading from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, turn left to the Felda Jengka 2 road before reaching Maran. At a T-junction, turn right will get you to Sungai Jerik.

SJKC Jerik
I was posted to SJKC Jerik after graduating from teacher training college in the early 80s. I had been there for two happy years.

Sungai Jerik
The above photo is the Sungai Jerik old town. It's named as Tong Keat by locals. There are only two rows of wooden houses along the road. There were no water and current supply in the 80s.

Sungai Jerik
I went to Kuantan in 2006. On the way, I dropped by Sungai Jerik. I was surprise to see the Sungai Jerik new town. It was built about 1 km away from the old town. It's really a great contrast between the old and new town.

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