Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spain Won The 2010 World Cup

Spain Won The 2010 World Cup
I wrote an article on predicting the winner of the 2010 World Cup in December 2009. Based on the grouping of the 32 finalists, my favorite teams were Spain, England, Brazil, Italy and Argentina.

The defending champion Italy was unable to regain its title. Even it was knocked out in the group match. With four World Cup titles, Italy was unexpectedly collapsed at the first blow. Although England fought vigorously against Germany but it ended up with frustration. The face of English coach Capello was full of disappointment.

The South American samba crashed, the Brazilian had to return early. They were sent off by the Dutch. Argentina which was in command by Maradona couldn't repeat the 1978 history of scoring by hand of God. They had to pack their luggage and returned home.

Fortunately, the 2008 European Cup champion Spain defeated Netherlands by 1 : 0 and emerged as the eighth World Cup champion.

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