Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pahang Maran Sri Marathandavar Temple

Pahang Maran Sri Marathandavar Temple
The well known Sri Marathandavar temple is located near Maran, Pahang. The temple is as famous as a popular superstar. The devout followers of the temple can be found all over Malaysia and Singapore. Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims participate the celebration of the Pangguni Uthiram (March/April) festival.

Pahang Maran Sri Marathandavar Temple
More than hundred years ago, a mysterious incident had occurred during a construction of road. A towering old tree started to bleed when it was being chopped. Unexpectedly, a road construction worker muttered that the tree must be retained and the road construction had to be kept away from it.

Pahang Maran Sri Marathandavar Temple
I went to Kuantan for vacation in 2006. After taking lunch in Sungai Jerik, then I headed to Kuantan via Maran. I stopped at the Sri Marathandavar temple to shot a few photos of the temple. Coincidentally the temple was being renovated. What a pity I couldn't shoot the magnificent architecture of the temple.

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