Monday, August 2, 2010

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market (Part 2)

Tilapia and Patin Fishes
Temerloh is famous for freshwater fishes. When you are in Temerloh, remember not to miss the opportunity to taste the delicacy freshwater fishes.

The fishes inside the container are the tilapia and the patin (silver catfish). They are still alive. Why not purchase one or two fish to reward yourself.

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market
The chopping skill of this fish vendor was marvelous. Just a few chops and the job had been done. He was truly busy because he had too many customers.

Pahang Temerloh Sunday Market
"Take a break, brother." He looked up for me to take a few photos. His friendly smile, revealed the Malaysia unique multiracial culture.

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