Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pahang Temerloh SJKC Khee Chee

SJKC Khee Chee
SJKC Khee Chee is located in Temerloh Town. It's beside the Temerloh Sri Malaysia Hotel. The school was built along the Semantan river bank. The renowned Temerloh Sunday Market is just nearby.

SJKC Khee Chee
My wife had been serving in SJKC Khee Chee in the early 80s. The present headmaster is Mr. Lai Teck Pin.

SJKC Khee Chee
This is the photo of the 1982 6B class students and their teachers. The front row second from right is Mr. Lai Teck Pin. At that time, he was a young teacher in SJKC Khee Chee.

SJKC Khee Chee
This photo was taken in 1985. If you had been studying in SJKC Khee Chee from 1982 to 1985, perhaps you were one of the lovable kids in the photo.

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  1. Memories are one of the best treasures we must keep for life. Honoring your old companies makes your heart grow fonder of them. Good work! This is your new friend, Senior Debutante.

  2. erk, why the first picture looks penyek? :P


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