Wednesday, May 11, 2011

South Korea Seoul Myeongdong Korean Hanjeungmak


There are a few Korean hanjeungmaks in Myeongdong, Seoul. These Korean hanjeungmaks are Myeongdong Hanjeungmak, Myeongdong Mud Hanjeungmak, Myeongdong Seocho Hanjeungmak and Myeongdong Chunjiyun Hanjeungmak.

What is the hanjeungmak? After doing a Google search, I have just known that hanjeungmak is Korean sauna. The customers of these sauna centres mostly are foreign tourists. The majority visitors of the sauna centres are Japanese. The service charges of these sauna centres are about 80000 won. The distance among these sauna centres are not far. You can take line 4 subway to these sauna centres.

If you wish to experience Korean hanjeungmak, why not drop in one of these hanjeungmaks when you are traveling in Seoul.

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