Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Enchanting Night View OF Myeongdong


As night falls, Myeongdong is brightened by various colour of light. The colourful neon lights seem like the dazzling lanterns and fireworks.

Strolling at Myeongdong night streets, your eyes will full of glitter lights. Middle of the streets is thronged with stalls which are selling food, snacks, fruits, apparels, ornaments and souvenirs.

Boring of walking around, drop in a cafe to have a cup of hot luscious coffee. In case you are hungry, just walk in a restaurant to taste the authentic Korean cuisines. Various mega shopping malls which sell jewelry, cosmetic and fashion dress are available for ladies to visit. Tired of traveling, you can enjoy Korean massage.

The streets are crowded, the lights are gorgeous and the night of Myeongdong is forever young.

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