Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Strolled Around Bentong

Crystal Hotel

We stayed at Crystal Hotel during the blackout night at Bentong. Crystal Hotel is located at Bentong town centre and near Bentong Bus Terminal.

Kai Ji

The next morning, we looked around Bentong town for breakfast. We decided to eat "Kai Ji" wanton noodles.

The coffee shop was packed with customers. I can't comment the taste of the wanton noodles because I wasn't feeling well that day.

Bentong Market

After taking breakfast at a coffee shop, we proceeded to Bentong market nearby. Bentong market is close on Sunday. Only some stalls outside the market were doing business.

SJKC Khai Mun

There is a Chinese primary school not far away from Bentong market. The school is SJKC Khai Mun. We were heading to SJKC Khai Mun to take photos outside the school.

Perting New Village

Since the market is close on that day, we went to Perting New Village to buy Bentong Ginger. Besides Perting New Village, there are several other new villages.

Bentong Ginger

Bentong Ginger is quite popular in West Malaysia. A kilo of Bentong Ginger costs RM 10 in Perting New Village market but it's RM 16 in Bukit Tinggi.

Actually Bentong Ginger is originated from Bukit Tinggi. It's truly funny that the price of Bentong Ginger in Bukit Tinggi is more expensive compare with other places.

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