Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trengganu Marang Jetty

Marang Jetty

Located at Northern Trengganu, Marang is around 21 km driving distance from Kuala Trengganu.

There is a jetty at Marang. This jetty is the gateway from Marang to nearby islands. As the distance is not too far, small boats are used to transfer passengers by the boat companies.

Kapas Island

The signboard is hung up highly to ensure the visitors go to the right place to take the right boat to their destination.


A wide range of services is provided by one of the Marang travel agents. The services are fishing trip, diving course, snorkeling trip, room reservation, candat sotong trip and round trip transfer.

Time Schedule

The time schedule is shown clearly. Visitors can decide to buy their tickets accordingly. Besides Pulau Kapas, Pulau Gem is another alternative for tourists to visit. The environment of both islands are tranquil and ideal for holiday to relax yourself.

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