Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photos Of Raub Town

Raub Town

After savoring tamarind fish curry in Bentong, we continued our journey to Kuala Lipis. We stopped at Raub town to take some photos.

Raub Town

Raub was one of the gold production locations in Peninsula Malaya during the old times. Nowadays, Raub is not as prosperous as before. As you can see from the above photo, there are bundle of old shop houses in Raub town.

Raub MCA

The influence of MCA has already gone with the wind. The door of Raub MCA building is tidy closed.

Former Minister of Tourism Ng Yen Yen has not shown up in Raub for quite some time. May be she is enjoying travel around the world.

Raub Bus Terminal

Two buses were parked at Raub bus terminal but no passenger there. Although the weather was fine that day, Raub town was quite deserted.

Raub Taxi Terminal

The taxi terminal is located nearby the bus terminal. The condition of the taxi terminal is cozy with essential facility. Raub Central Market is available next to the taxi terminal.

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