Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going To Marken Island By Boat

Volendam Cruise

Located at north-eastern of Volendam, Marken Island originally was a small fishing island. With the rapid growth of tourism, Marken Island has turned into a popular tourist destination.

Apart from marine products, Netherlands traditional costume and unique wooden houses are truly attractive to the visitors of Marken Island. The green field and crystal clear sea of Marken Island are also amazing to the tourists from all over the world.

Volendam Cruise

In case you stay overnight at Volendam, you can go to Marken Island by an express boat. This location is the jetty of express boat. The man with sun glasses is the employee of the express ferry company.

Volendam Cruise

The return ticket to Marken Island from Volendam is 8 Euro for adult and 4.5 Euro for child. Not certain 6.75 Euro is for what. May be it's the fee for single trip.

Volendam Cruise

Refreshment is provided on the express boat from Volendam to Marken Island. Tea is 1.60 Euro, coffee is 2 Euro, soft drink is 2 Euro, Beer is 2.20 Euro and wine is 3 Euro.

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