Friday, September 27, 2013

Jeju Hallasan Horse Ranch

Jeju Horse Ranch

Getting down from Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak, we proceed to Songup Folk Village. We passed by Hallasan foothill horse ranch on the way to Songup Folk Village.

The tourist guide stopped the car for us to rest for a while. Although the field was wide and green but there wasn’t any horse in the field.

Jeju Horses

Besides the stone statue, horse is also the symbol of Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a volcanic island. The soil is fertile and suitable for grass growth. This is an advantage for Jeju Island to be a natural horse ranch.

There are two species of horses in Jeju Island. They are Jeju Horse and Halla Horse (The crossbred of Jeju Horse and thoroughbred). Jeju Horses are bred as food and Halla Horses are used for horse racing.

Jeju Horses

While traveling in Jeju Island, you can enjoy horse meat. The price of horse meat is around 20 thousand Won to 30 thousand Won for a person.

In case you don't like to eat horse meat, you can visit the racecourse for horse riding or watching horse racing.

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