Sunday, September 15, 2013

Johor Pengerang Ostrich Farm

Pengerang Ostrich Farm

During our trip to Pengerang we visited the ostrich farm which is located at Jalan Teluk Ramunia.

It was already dusk when we arrived at the ostrich farm. We didn't enter the ostrich farm because it was going to close soon. That's why I had no chance to take any photo of ostrich to share with you.

Pengerang Ostrich Farm

This newly hatched little ostrich was put in a glass case for visitors to view and take pictures.

Pengerang Ostrich Farm

These cute lampshades were made with ostrich eggs. You can buy some lampshades and keep as souvenirs.

pengerang Ostrich Farm

Apart from the beautiful lampshades, there are also ostrich cartoons which were made with ostrich feathers.

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