Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 10 Popular Posts Of Sweet Memories

Popular Posts

709 Bersih Forum
Those who turned up for 709 Bersih Forum love Malaysia and democracy.

Incheon Airport Map
Have a copy of Incheon International Airport Map and enjoy your trip to South Korea.

Maran Hindu Temple
This renowned temple is Sri Marathandavar Temple which is as popular as a superstar in Maran.

Everland Safari World
The "Lionger" is a crossbreed animal between the lion and the tiger. It is the spotlight of South Korea Everland Theme Park Safari World visitors.

Wo Lai Ye Dried Meat
A caring government should take stern action against parties produce food with excessive level of preservative. Or else voters will turn the government down.

The Blue Diamond Discus
The amount of marine creatures display in Seoul Coex Aquarium is more than 40,000. The blue diamond discus is one of the exhibits. Discus is known as the king of tropical aquarium fish.

Myeongdong Souvenir Stall
Myeongdong is a famous tourist attraction is Seoul of South Korea. The night of Myeongdong is truly gorgeous. There are tons of souvenir stalls offering affordable souvenirs for tourists from all over the world.

Hong Kong Aberdeen Harbor
Originally a fishing village, Aberdeen Harbor has turned into a modern town as well as a famous tourist destination in Hong Kong. The floating restaurants and boat-dwellers are the unique attractions of Aberdeen Harbor.

Musing of Jamaluddin Ibrahim
The former RFM988 DJ, Jamaluddin Ibrahim is the son of the late Ibrahim and Shamsiah. Both Ibrahim and Shamsiah were MCP members before the independence of Malaya. Jamaluddin Ibrahim was grown up in China. That's why he speaks fluently in Mandarin.

DAP Superman Hew Kuan Yau
The super fabulous political speakers in Malaysia, Hew Kuan Yau named himself as superman. As a grass root member of DAP with great vision, his mission is to destroy BN and save our beloved nation, Malaysia. Whenever he is delivering speech, the venue will flock with his fans and supporters.

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