Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First Meal In Europe

De Koe restaurant

We gathered in front of De Koe Restaurant when we arrived in Volendam, Netherlands.

As soon as the tourist guide signaled us, we went into the restaurant to get a seat for our first meal during the trip.

Waitresses dressed in traditional clothing busy serving food. They were moving around as non-stop aircraft and as busy as bees.

Fish Fillet

My first meal of Europe escape was a lunch at 12:00 noon in a fishing village, Volendam of Netherlands.

The main course of the meal was a piece of fish fillet that tasted quite salty. Err.....couldn't remember what was the fish! Perhaps it was a salmon fish.


Besides the salty fish fillet, there were a bowl of soup and a big bowl of vegetables salad.

It might be there were too many tourists and the business was extremely good. The waitresses served food and cleaned up as fast as lightning. My first meal in Europe ended up hurriedly.

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