Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Johor Pengerang Sungai Kapal

Sungai Kapal

Sungai Kapal is located not far away from Sungai Rengit of Pengerang in south east of Johor.

The distance between Sungai Kapal and Sungai Rengit is 5 km driving distance. There are only two rows of old wooden houses at Sungai Kapal town.

Sungai Kapal

Grocery store, coffee shop and motorcycle workshop are available at the small town of Sungai Kapal. The doors of most of the houses are closed. Perhaps the residents had moved to other places.

This motorcycle workshop is still operating. The boss is providing service for customer. A few motorcycles are awaited for repairing. It shows that motorcycles are mostly used by Sungai Kapal residents to travel around.

Sungai Kapal

The replacement of BN, Pakatan Rakyat has already landed in Pengerang.

Taking over Johor government by Pakatan Rakyat is not an illusion. That's why PM Najib Razak dares not to declare the date of next generation.

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