Monday, January 21, 2013

Jalan Gaya KK Sabah

Jalan Gaya

Apart from Australia Place, there is a famous street---Jalan Gaya in KK of Sabah.

Sunday market is the distinguishing feature of Jalan Gaya. I have no photo for sharing because my Sabah KK trip was not on Sunday.

Based on the information I got from coffee shop, Jalan Gaya will be closed for vehicles on Sunday morning. A wide variety of stuffs are sold include fish, toys, pets, food, fruits, books, flowers, vegetables, souvenirs, handicraft, Tenom Coffee and traditional medicine

Daily Coffee Shop

Various shops and companies are available at Jalan Gaya. There are cafes, banks, hotels, eateries, law firms, restaurants, pharmacies, stationery shops, travel companies and backpacker hostels.

Daily Coffee Shop is truly interesting. Although it's stated 24 hours at the billboard but the shop was closed. Perhaps customers have say "Open Sesame" then the door will open.

Sports Toto

This Sports Toto outlet is located at Jalan Gaya. In case you are a sponsor of Sports Toto, feel free to drop in to donate some money.

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