Friday, August 29, 2014

Amsterdam La Place Restaurant

La Place Restaurant

After wandering around Kalverstraat, we dropped in La Place Restaurant to enjoy our dinner.

La Place Restaurant Map

La Place Restaurant is located not far away from Munttoren Tower at the end of Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

La Place Restaurant

La Place Restaurant is a renowned restaurant chain in Netherlands. There are more than 250 outlets throughout Netherlands.

La Place Restaurant

La Place is committed to offer extraordinary services to customers. They would like to make guests feel at home while dine at their restaurants.

Baguette Sandwich

We bought a baguette sandwich with tuna salad stuff. The sandwich was truly delicious because we were quite hungry after walking around Kalverstraat.

Tortilla Wraps

We also purchased two tortilla wraps. Tortilla is made with corn or wheat. Cheese, chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce leaves and avocado spread can be used as ingredients of tortilla wraps.


Besides tortilla wraps and baguette sandwich, we were also savoring Netherlands espresso. The price of a cup of this Netherlands espresso is 2.10 Euro.

La Place Restaurant

This was a stall at La Place Restaurant. It's not a fruit stall although there were many oranges. Actually it's a stall selling fresh fruit juice.

La Place Restaurant

These two stalls were selling pizzas and sandwiches. Both stalls are self service stalls. A few buyers were waiting for the chef to bake pizzas.

La Place Restaurant

This chef was busy preparing pizzas and sandwiches for customers. At first we intended to buy a pizza. We changed our mind because we were running out of time. So we bought two tortilla wraps and a baguette sandwich.

La Place Restaurant

This chef was occupied with cooking food ordered by diners. As you can see from the photo, there were many cooking materials on the kitchen table. We didn't try the food of this stall because we don't want to wait.

La Place Restaurant

Getting out from La Place Restaurant, we walked along Rokin and headed to Dam Square. The next post, I will write on Rokin of Amsterdam.

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