Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Amsterdam Rokin Street View

Amsterdam Rokin

We walked along Rokin and headed to Dam Square after dining at La Place Restaurant.

Amsterdam Rokin Map

Rokin is a street parallel to Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. This Google map shows the locations of Rokin and Kalverstraat.

Rokin Canal

Rokin Canal is flowing beside Rokin. So, you can take a boat to Rokin. Residents of Amsterdam put their bikes along the canal.

Amsterdam Canal

Rederij Kooij is a boat company providing canal cruise services in Amsterdam. The main jetty of Rondvaart Kooij is built at Oude Turfmarkt on the other side of Rokin Canal.

Amsterdam Rokin

There was a tram stopped at Rokin near La Place Restaurant. In case you are unwilling to walk, you can board tram no 4, 9, 14, 16, 24 or 25 to La Place Restaurant.

De L' Europe Hotel

The building at the end of Oude Turfmarkt is De L' Europe Hotel. At first, I thought the building is Heineken Gallery. I got to know it's not Heineken Gallery after doing a deep internet search.

Amsterdam Ing Bank

This is the photo of Amsterdam Ing Bank Rokin Branch. Ing is a Dutch global financial institution which offers a wide range of services including banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services.

Mandarijn Restaurant

There is a Chinese restaurant at Rokin in Amsterdan. The name of this restaurant is Mandarijn Restaurant and it's near Madame Tussaud Museum. A massage parlor is just next to Mandarijn Restaurant.

Subway Restaurant

On the way to Dam Square, we passed by Subway Restaurant. Subway Restaurant is an American fast food chain restaurant which serves savoring sandwiches. Beside Subway Restaurant, there is an Indian restaurant that's Koh-I-Noor Restaurant.

Amsterdam Rokin

This is a street view of Rokin.

A tram was approaching from the far end and a red coach was stopping for passengers to board.

A girl was playing with mobile phone while walking on the walkway. The other girl was cycling on the left side of the road.

Amsterdam Rokin

This is the Dam Square Cross Junction. The road opposite Rokin is Damrak which extending to Central Station. Turn right is Damstraat and turn left is Paleisstraat.

Arriving at Dam Square, we were waiting for the tour bus to transfer to Schiphol NH Hotel.

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