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Amsterdam Kalverstraat Shopping Street

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

Kalverstraat is a must visit pedestrian shopping street in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kalverstraat Map

Kalverstraat is located near Dam Square. This Google map shows the location of Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

Munttoren Tower

The length of Kalverstraat is about 750 meter. It starts from Dam Square and ends at Munttoren Tower.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

There are only pedestrians walking along Kalverstraat. So, visitors can shop freely and cozily at Kalverstraat.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

Kalverstraat is always flocked with visitors, include Amsterdam residents and tourists from all over the world.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

This is H & M outlet at Kalverstraat. H & M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) is a Sweden clothing company. This company designs and retails fashions for women, men, teens and children.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

Store for Brands offers space for promoting branded stuffs. The layout of the store will be aligned with the brand identity. Normally a campaign for a new brand will launch every two weeks.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

De Slegte bookshop is on the right of Kalverstraat. It sells both new books and used books.

Mango is opposite of De Slegte Bookshop. It's an attire store which provides hats, bags, shoes, clothing, jewelries, sun glasses and leather goods.

Amsterdam Kalverstraat

In case you are traveling in Amsterdam, remember to drop by the vibrant Kalverstraat.

Most of the shops at Kalverstraat open 7 days a week. Business hours vary for every shop. Some shops start at 10 and others begin at 11 in the morning. The closing time is at 6 pm but it's at 9 pm on Thursday.

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