Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amsterdam Free Adam Coffee Shop

Free Adam Coffeeshop

On the way to Dam Square, we passed by Free Adam Coffee Shop.

Free Adam Coffeeshop Map

This Google map shows the location of Free Adam Coffee Shop in Amsterdam.

Free Adam Coffeeshop

There are bundle of coffee shops in Amsterdam. Free Adam Coffee Shop is one of them.

De Wallen

Free Adam Coffee Shop is located at Oude Hoogstraat near the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Free Adam Coffeeshop

Free Adam Coffee Shop is a beverage shop which provides marijuana to customers. For your information, selling of marijuana is permitted in Netherlands.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop

In addition to Free Adam Coffee Shop, there is a competitor at Oude Hoogstraat. These two coffee shops compete intensively in the business.

Free Adam Coffeeshop

You should be very careful when you wish to enjoy a cup of coffee in Amsterdam. If not, you may go to the wrong coffee shop and getting high.

Free Adam Coffeeshop

How to identify coffee shop which sell marijuana?

According to the trip manager, marijuana is available at coffee shop which has a coconut tree logo in front of the shop.

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