Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sabah Wind Of Change Set Off


During my trip to Sabah KK, besides sightseeing and food hunting, I also detecting the political wind shift in "Land below the Wind".

Wandering in KK for three days and two nights, I was trying to understand the lifestyle of Sabahans. Mentioned about commodity prices and political situation, KK public all happen to coincide and deeply dissatisfied with the ruling authority.

Listening to elderly recounted the stories of former Chief Ministers of Sabah, the success or failure of them was truly exciting and interesting.

Based on the information I received, Sabah BN government handing out candies too but the wind of change is super strong especially among Chinese residents in urban area.

Although Sabah is the traditional fixed deposit of BN in terms of votes but the present status is totally different with the past.

The result won't be known until the ballot boxes are opened.

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