Friday, October 12, 2012

Malacca Jonker Street Mold Flavored Mooncakes


My wife specially went to Malacca Jonker Street to purchase a few boxes of mooncake during Mid-Autumn.

Sunday morning, my wife opened one of the boxes and was surprised to see the mold on the mooncakes. Luckily she didn't eat any of these mooncakes, or else she might have to see doctor to solve food poisoning.

After checking the box, there wasn't any expiration date and manufacturing date. I called to inquire the cake shop which is located at the popular tourist attraction in Malacca. The vendor told me that the mooncakes were edible within two months.

The mooncakes were bought not more than two weeks ago but already added with three different types of mold. These molds were green, black and white in colors.

Selling contaminated food is immoral. Besides that it will drastically impact the reputation of Malacca tourism and the unique niche of the cake shop.

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