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Pahang Sungai Lembing Accommodation Tips

Sungai Lembing

Visiting Sungai Lembing in peak season, you have to book a hotel in advance. Or else you will have problem looking for accommodation in Sungai Lembing.

Sungai Lembing is quite far away from town. It takes few hours for traveling back and forth. In case you were in Sungai Lembing and couldn't get any lodging, you have no choice except leaving Sungai Lembing. Driving along the narrow and winding road at night, you must be super careful and skillful in driving.

Sungai Lembing Rest House

Apart from Country View Inn and Lembin Village Resort, Sungai Lembing Rest House is another alternative.

Sungai Lembing Rest House located at the Sungai Lembing town center but the building is quite old. If you don't mind the construction date of the building, you can consider staying in this rest house.

Contact: 012-9009622/019-9062193/019-9040389/012-9009622

Tiara Atstari Guest House

Before entering Sungai Lembing town, on your right is Lembing River and Tiara Atstari Guest House is on your left.

Contact: Jaludin (013-9278305), Noorhanita (019-9875345)

Sungai Lembing

Don't have photo of other shelters to share with you. Anyway I had searched some information for your reference.

Lembing Hakka Association: 013-9047728
Lembing River View Resort: 012-9812692
Pollock View Resort: 09-5311024/0199874737
ACF Retreat Centre: 019-9349696/019-7043283
Lembing Court Resort: 09-5131313/012-9819888

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