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Pahang Sungai Lembing Lembin Village Resort

Lembin Village Resort

When it comes to lodging in Sungai Lembing, you can consider Lembin Village Resort which is located on the other side of Lembing River opposite Sungai Lembing town.

Besides Country View Inn, Lembin Village Resort is another choice for you when you are on holiday in Sungai Lembing. As I had booked a room at Dynasty Inn in Kota Bharu, I couldn't change my East Coast traveling plan. Or else I would like to stay at Lembin Village Resort and hanging around in Sungai Lembing for another day.

Lembin Village Resort

Although I didn't stay at Lembin Village Resort, the owner of the resort Mr. Vinson Chow was very friendly to us.

Lembin Village Resort was converted from a bungalow building. Outdoor barbecue space is available and karaoke is provided at the living hall. It can't be denied that Lembin Village Resort is pretty ideal place for having gathering or birthday party with friends.

Despite of the cozy as well as tranquil of Lembin Village Resort but it's too bad because the location is quite far away from Sungai Lembing town. You have to cross Lembing River through an old wooden bridge.

If you don't mind the distance of Lembin Village Resort, you can think over this resort.

Owner: Vinson Chow
Contact: 019-911267, 019-9116748
Address: 282,Kampung Seberang, Sungai Lembing,Pahang.

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