Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tear Gas Smashed Fear Of Wong Chin Huat

Wong Chin Huat

After battling with tear gas and water cannon during 709 Bersih 2.0 and 428 Bersih 3.0, Malaysia Bersih committee member Wong Chin Huat is no longer afraid of tyranny.

Wong Chin Huat shared his desire of clean general election at a public forum in Malacca. It shows that Wong Chin Huat had figured out the direction towards democratic reform in Malaysia. The air in the sky of Malaysia will be free and clean.

More than two hundred thousand of all ethnic groups flock to the streets in Kuala Lumpur to express their dissatisfaction. It's a hard fact that Malaysians are not silent lambs any more. Under the attack of tear gas and water cannon, new Malaysia has been reborn that's Malaysia 2.0.

The power of the people is irresistible. If those in power insist to ignore public opinion, they will be vanished after the reform tsunami.

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