Monday, June 25, 2012

Savor Korean Kimchi Dumpling In Suwon


Korean kimchi dumpling is our lunch in Suwon, South Korea. The taste of the dumpling is different with the dumpling drop egg soup which we had savor in Seoul.

We were hunting for food in the rhythmic rain. Finally, we stopped at a small restaurant. The waiter greeted us with warm smiling when we entered the restaurant. My son ordered four dumplings, a big bowl of dumpling soup and three bowls of rice.


This is the real appearance of the kimchi dumpling. The outer coat is soft and the stuffing is dainty. The filling includes chili, meat, radish, scallion, egg yolk, bean curd, bean sprouts and Chinese cabbage.

Dumpling Soup

Taking a few mouthfuls of warm dumpling soup in cold weather was truly great. The ingredients of the dumpling soup are laver, carrot, scallion, egg yolk and dumplings.

We enjoyed high tea at a cafe nearby after lunch.

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